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Utah Divorce Mediators

The truth about most divorce cases that go to trial is that nobody leaves happy. Instead of trusting the future of your family to a well-intentioned stranger, consider resolving your case through mediation. Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse determine the outcome of your divorce. The mediators at Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah are experienced at helping couples come to an amicable agreement that addresses all of the issues for both parties.

As divorce mediators, our role is to help you and your spouse make the transition from being part of a couple to leading separate lives. We are committed to helping you do so in the most positive way possible. 

At Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah:

  1. We promise to educate. Every couple will be given enough information to feel comfortable in making decisions.
  2. We will provide a level playing field to ensure that every thought, perspective, and idea will be heard and given the merit it deserves.
  3. We will provide creativity, and help every couple brainstorm, consider, and explore as many options and ways to reach common ground as possible.
  4. We promise to help our clients balance the need for separation with the need to achieve common goals.
  5. We promise to help our clients achieve their shared goal of taking good care of their children.

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